Pinterest, as defined from, is a visual discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their different projects and interests. Sycamore Landscaping uses Pinterest on a daily basis because, what a better project than your outdoor space?!

We are on Pinterest for that very reason! We can post our recent projects to showcase our work and we get up to date information on the latest trends for transforming your yard. Here are some reasons we suggest connecting with Sycamore Landscaping on Pinterest:

We have a Pinterest account where you can see our projects. This can give you an idea of what you may want in your landscaping design. It also shows you what kind of flowers we typically used based on our location and climate. We also pin different ideas that we can realistically do in anyone’s outdoor space.

If you do a basic Pinterest search in “Gardening” you will be inundated with picturesque landscaping ideas. The next step is to tag Sycamore Landscaping in your pins to give us an idea of what you are looking for. We will review these pins before, during and after our design meeting. It is a great way to start the planning process!

We stay up to date on the latest trends, reviews, and ideas. If there is something new out there, Pinterest will be one of the first places that it will be trending! We are constantly reading articles and reviews that are pinned on Pinterest.

Check out what we can offer you by visiting Don’t forget to follow us and tag us in your posts!